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In the middle of last week, I was mostly playing with these:
And so it begins

And putting them together like this )

It was good fun ^_^
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At lunch, was so nice, we pottered behind ocean termoil

Lunchtime panoramic

Was loverly

Oh, and rainbow feet :P

Sunny feet!
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Ended up going to a small bbq laze about at arthurs seat yesterday, was niiiice.

Sticky outy tongue face :P

moar photoses of doom )
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As always click for bigger pics.

This involved moar sunshine

Some water

Two geese
Lazy geese

Some ducks
Pottering ducks

And purrdy flowers
Red and yellow flowers

More pics on mah flickr of DOOM!
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Walked for over an hour today (day off), was so worth it. Don't really have much to say but can show piccers!

Starting off with that burning ball of fire

burning ball of fire

moar photoses )

And finishing with a cheeky robot:

Strolling Robot

More photoses on my Flickr page!
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Sooo I need to do more real entries :P

I forget!

Sooo work is good, although might get very busy soon, my brain might be a bit more fried than usual in a few weeks.

Ah well.

Lesseeeeeee this week hasn't been all that exciting actually. Watched eurovision at my mums in exchange for roast chicken, mmmm chicken. The Norwegian winner is now called caterpillar face! just because :P

Having a lazy Sunday, Girdy has been stolen by London until Tuesday evening, so I'm flopping and watching house until I have the drive to do the washing up :P

Also, Wolfram Alpha launched recently, and it seems pretty cool.
This is a search on my name, interesting stuff*C.wendy-_*GivenName-
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Seeing how well this cross-posts.

I like the fact that you can use your own favicon, nifty.

Testing pics too:

cake noms!

Star cake close up top

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